IMG_6649 Loving and Learning and Laughing and Journeying.

Between paper-writing, bucket-listing, and last-minute-learning, our group continues discovering more about ourselves, each other, and our loved ones back home. We’re anxiously pretending India’s ticking hands are lost somewhere in a beautiful Kerala forest, as visions of nieces and cookies dance in our heads. We’re calculating how many nature walks, post-dinner talks, and friendship locks we can squeeeeeeze into just one more week. Some call it procrastination, we call it appreciation. A feeling/action/opportunity that will be our only saving grace. Appreciation for such a beautiful and inspiring semester; appreciation for the strong women who’ve graciously served us tea, meals, and clean sheets; appreciation for the sensitive faculty who’ve always had our best interests at heart. For Roshen, Martin, Laura, and more. The people we never knew were apart of life’s simple yet powerful gifts. For the people back home who’ve supported us even when we pushed their thoughts, who were patient even when we disappeared for weeks. For the people we’ve sat next to in class these last four months who’ve challenged us, laughed with us, and stood up for us. India did not make us different people. India supported us, showed us perspectives, and encouraged us. We’re the same fifteen loving, enthusiastic, passionate, strong students that left Minnesota in August. And we’re nervous about leaving India and excited about coming home. Nervous about implementing new ideas and excited about engaging with our community. To our friends and loved ones, continue supporting us, and continue loving, admiring, and enjoying us as we will do the same for you. Today we practiced deep listening with each other, realizing the beauties of vulnerability and trust. We discussed the importance of communion and fellowship. Nobody is at fault in this system. We’re all learning and affected by the world around us. A world filled with personhood, nature, and wonder. Which reminds me, it’s time for my nature walk! As I go to wander in wonder, I’ll leave you with this uninspiring last remark: resist global warming/climate injustice, but tell MN to turn off the freezer until we can find this girl a coat!

Peace out, girl/boy scout!

Love the world; Love you.